after revelstoke we went to vernon. such a cool city. even though we were there for almost two weeks, it was so hectic i don't have a lot to write about it and i don't have many pictures either. my favorite part of vernon was playing beach volleyball a couple times. the best was when we went down to the beach at 9am and the sand was still damp from the light rain that night and the air was still crisp. this wasn't like playing with a bunch of people who can't even pass so you're just bored the whole time. some of you will know what i mean. no, this was fierce competition between athletes. i had so much fun. probably the best game of volleyball i have played since intramurals in college.

now when i say the beach i wish i meant the ocean, but where we were might as well have been. vernon is in the northern part of the okanagan region of british columbia which is known as canada's california. even though there isn't an ocean, the lakes there are amazing. especially kalamalka (that's where we played if you didn't get it).

vernon in my mind:
the best gym ever
swinging at the park
the courthouse
that antique store
beach volleyball
ultimate football
the movies
fixing the iphones
megan getting sick
the dryers at the laundromat that made my clothes smell. ick.

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