the fourth of july, in america.

after we left chase, samuel headed down to greenwood and on the way dropped megan and i off in kelowna at the airport so we could go home for the fourth of july. now, there are a lot of things i have loved about canada, but i was so excited to go home for america's birthday. you don't even know.

so after a long night at the airport, on literally no sleep megan and i finally landed in vegas on monday morning (the first). i can't even explain the feelings that came over me when i stepped out of that airport. i took a deep breath of that hot, dry desert air and just sighed. i was really home, sort of. i wasn't even mad that we had to sit in the heat for a few minutes waiting for my mom. i felt like my skin was just drinking in the heat, and maybe my heart was too.

when we landed in seattle i walked off the plane and saw this. i wanted to kiss the ground. missed the usa so much!
it's a weird thing, leaving a place that is so familiar to you. you don't realize how comfortable you are there until you leave for awhile. all my longing for the desert was all the sudden quenched just sitting on that bench outside of passenger pick up. i still remember the old van pulling up and a little tanned  odey (odessa) jumping out to give me a hug. couldn't believe how tall her and sam had both gotten in just a few months! boy oh boy was i happy to see them. they are so amazing. there is nothing better than happy, smiling children greeting you like it's christmas morning and you are the best present they have ever gotten.

then it was a trip to the mechanic to get the ac fixed (thank goodness) and one amazing dinner at cafe rio. i really thought i was dreaming after that first bite. finally some good mexican food! and horchata! i was in heaven. after we gorged ourselves we then took a drive to see my dear friend camille and her family. it was so nice to catch up with them, not to mention partake of here mom's amazing cooking!

my whole goal going home was to go to the temple. that is all i wanted to do, and so badly that my heart ached for it. i hadn't had a chance to go since we were married and i was so longing for those feelings, especially being far from home in a different country. so we decided to stay the night since the temple is closed on monday's and go to a session the next morning. meanwhile my siblings took full advantage of camille's family pool. so fun.

the next morning my mom and i got dressed up and made the drive across the valley to the hill where the temple stands. it was so beautiful i could have cried...and then, almost did when we found out it was closed for renovations. talk about a bummer. so we did what all good women do, we went shopping!

that night we headed back to the ranch and every mile we drove seemed to elevate my spirits. gosh, i really miss that place. we pulled in late, and all i did was unpack and go to bed, but it felt so good to be back in that place. the next day was the forth of july, and usually it's a big deal and we go to the parade and are busy all day... but not this year. this year called for some good quality together time, doing something we all love--breaking a horse.
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