i said i was a gypsy.

i've been listening to this song a lot. and it makes me laugh because, well. this is like our life. we are just traveling around and around and around. and did you know that part of the exact definition of a gypsy in the dictionary is: "a person who leads an unconventional life" and "a person who moves from place to place as required by employment?" i mean i was a self proclaimed gypsy, but i didn't realize i was the definition of one.

it's more than that though... i've had a lot of time for self discovery out here. and there is so much inside of me that is "gypsy-like" if you will. it's not the fact that we move from place to place. it's how my thoughts move around so quickly inside of my brain from place to place--never staying exactly still, never settling on one topic. it's how my ambitions change from day to day. it's just all the change, all the time. 

and like this song "passenger." i feel some days that i am dragging samuel along with me, from mood to mood, idea to idea, city to city. and he comes home and just looks me in the eye and diagnoses my crazy. and gets me a ginger ale when i need it. because it's not just for sick bellies, it's for overwhelmed souls too. and then he cuddles me and helps me make sense of all my gypsy tendencies. he listens and nods when i make no sense. and even though i know i'm crazy he refuses to believe it.

and that makes me happy.

because a gypsy soul like mine needs that constant. and he knows it. so he's always bringing me back to earth, always reminding me how good we have it. and sometimes i look at him, and i look at me. and i think, 'we are so  different. how in the world did we ever end up together?' i don't think either of us really know the answer to that; but we are so grateful we did. and we wouldn't have it any other way.

so he let's me cry over silly things, and he guides me through my tantrums. and he puts a movie on for me while he does the dishes because he knows it's been one of those days. and then i cry because i am supremely grateful that i am blessed to have such a good friend and such an amazing husband all wrapped up into the same person. and that he is so willing to be my passenger and try to make all of my travels--internal and external--a little bit easier.

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