When Sam and I were dating he told me once that he was a pirate. I laughed, but he was serious. He said he had three good reasons:

    1) He had to wear an eye patch in elementary school because one of his eyes was a little bit lazy.
    2) He found a gold ring one day digging around at Big Trees (an empty lot we rode bikes at as kids).

    3) Black Beard the Pirate was his literal ancestor (for real).

It was hard to argue with the insurmountable evidence. So his being a pirate became quite the joke between us, especially after I realized how much he travelled. Before we were married he had been all across Canada, to London, Kenya, and Bora Bora. At this point the pirate thing worked to my advantage because I always insisted that he had to bring me home some treasure. He was a good pirate ;)

p.s. how sexy is he!? yum.

Now, I have always been a gypsy. My reasons are pretty simple.

     1) I wanted to be a gypsy for Halloween almost every year growing up.
     2) I love to travel.
     3) I just want to be a gypsy, that's enough, right? (I thought so too).

After our honeymoon we traveled around British Columbia for the first six months we were married, and since then we have moved about a dozen times. From Portland, to Ohio, to South Dakota, and now we have settled in the beautiful state of Colorado. My self-imposed title as a gypsy has been validated beyond dispute at this point.

While we were in Canada we added a new member to our family. Her name is Peyton. She is a Mastiff, Pitbull, German Shepherd mix. We think. All we know is that she is irresistibly adorable, and we love her way too much.

Initially I created this blog as a way for our families to keep up with our adventures minus the crazy fees for international talk and text. Since then, I have fallen in love with keeping a record of everything we do and being able to look back at all of our memories. I just like having my own space. It feels good. 

If you're reading this, feel free to follow along as well!

If you want the full (and overly detailed) account of how we met, when we got engaged, married, etc; go here.

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