Five Months

Lightning has been lighting up the sky tonight. Bright flashes followed by loud claps of thunder. It booms and echoes and then the lightning strikes again. I've never experienced such a rainy spring, not even when we lived in Washington. It's been raining almost everyday for the last two months! The weeds in our front flower beds have been growing several inches everyday. It's crazy. And Naomi has been growing like a weed too! I'm excited for her 6 month appointment to see her official numbers, but according to our measurements she is almost 18 lbs!
I am the worst at posting these on time. I took these pictures of Naomi a few days ago and they are some of my favorites! I love all her goofy grins and silly expressions. She is so fun!
This month she:
• took her first plane ride
• tried rice cereal for the first time
• rolled from her back to her belly (for the first time in front of our gate at DIA!)
• started squealing all the time!
• is a pro at grabbing things and putting them in her mouth
• pulls her socks off for better access to her feet so she can put her toes in her mouth
• sits up for a few seconds at a time without help
She loves:
• being read to
• bath time
• riding in the car (again)
• jumping in the jump-a-roo
• getting her diaper changed (although now she is always trying to roll over while I change her)
• being sung to
• her daddy 
• playing
• being talked to
• squeeling (especially at church during hymns)
• being worn
• trying to put anything and everything in her mouth
• finally likes teethers 
• playing peek-a-boo
I love:
• squishing her chubby legs
• kissing her a million times a day
• the way she looks at her daddy
• how happy & excited she is
• talking to her and making her smile
• the way she smells
• singing to her
• breastfeeding
• cuddling with her in my bed
• reading to her
• giving her baths and massages
• watching her interact with other people
Every day that I spend with her I love her more and it gets harder and harder to fathom a life without her. I can hardly remember my world before it revolved around her. I love her smiley face, her big brown eyes, and her sweet and happy spirit, more than anything in this world. I am so happy to be her mama. She is my best pal!