6 Months!!!!!!!

I can't believe it's already been half of a year since Naomi joined us! Parenting is the most fun, most exhausting, most rewarding thing I have ever done! I am so grateful for this life and for the amazing girl that Naomi is. I feel so lucky to be her mom and to be married to a man that is such a wonderful father to her. I'm just all sorts of blessed and it makes me truly happy. 

In true procrastinator fashion, I am posting these pictures when Naomi is now almost seven months! Haha. What do you do? Life is just nuts most of the time, but it's ok. I'm learning to just let go of some things. You can't do everything. 

At six months Naomi:
Rolled from her belly to her back.
Is playing with her tongue.
Went on her first bike ride.
Can scoot around a little bit.
Will squeal at someone until they look at her.
Slept in her crib for a whole night for the first time (unfortunately not without waking up).
Is laughing more and more.
Went to Bear Lake for the first time. 
Is eating some solids but not very well yet. 
Went to Elitch Gardens for the first time.
Is sitting up really well.
Is SO strong and smart!

She loves:
Playing with toys (and not toys).
Watching me.
When her daddy comes home.
Grabbing dad's beard and squeezing it in her hands.
Reading books.
Bath time and being in any and all water.
Smiling, constantly.
Her jump-a-roo. 

I love:
Tickling her and making her laugh. 
Kissing her and hugging and squeezing her alllll day!
Her beautiful sweet brown eyes.
Her little squeals.
Her tiny toes and hands.
Watching her learn new things on her own. 
How happy she is!
How determined she is. 
How strong she is. 
How smart she is. 
That I can always make her feel better and make her happy. I know this won't last forever.