on the road to kelowna.

on the road from sparwood to kelowna there were a lot of really neat places that we stopped. from the "old stuff" antique store, to two scoop steve's, we had a blast on that seemingly endless drive. we even got to enjoy a walk down to the banks of the moyie river because it is necessary for little peyton girl to get out and stretch her legs every once in awhile. and also because we can never, ever pass up good ice cream. here are some fun pictures we took on the journey.

this super intricate sandcastle was in creston, bc. we had to drive back through there on the way to kelowna and we saw a man carving it on the side of the road. i was intrigued, so i made sam pull over and i jumped out to see what he was up to. he told me that he was working on a world record and said this was actually only a small part of what the finished product would be. people and their unique talents just amaze me. every single day!

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