en route to vancouver island.

on the nineteenth of august we began the trek from kelowna to "the island." vancouver island, to be more specific. it was about a nine hour drive to vancouver itself, and then a 2 hour ferry ride over to the island. i loved this trek, you guys. sometimes i think maybe the gypsy life isn't for me. all the moving, and the no space, and the not having any of my wardrobe, and the constant moving... but then we make drives like this.

first of all, leaving kelowna you drive through the west side, which means you get to drive over okanagan lake and through orchard country which is breathtaking. then you follow the lake for awhile and you're supposed to turn right just before peachland; except i was too busy enjoying the scenery and samuel didn't know so we took an hour detour down to penticton. whoops.

after you turn away from the okanagan valley, you hit mountain country. there is like a never ending climb to the top of those babies. around every bend sam and i both thought, okay, we are coming to the top, but no. it was forever. and everywhere we looked it was just mountains for days. when we finally dropped down it was beautiful. right around hope the more sparse vegetation of the okanagan turned into lush green trees and shrubs. there were ferns lining the highway, vines hanging from some of the trees and wildflowers spotting the ground. it was breath taking. on top of all that, there was also a dense fog from the tops of the trees up, so the mountains whose shear faces were right next to us went straight up into the sky and disappeared in the fog before you could see their tops. i have never been in a more mystical place. it felt like a fairytale.

coming into vacouver we crossed the fraser river on this bridge, and the bridge they were building next to it was pretty sweet.

then we got on the ferry

and saw things like this

the island is enchanting. we are so happy to be out here, finally. we've been waiting alll summer. and let me tell you, there is no better place to greet autumn.

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