where in the world are sam and keisha...?

so, there are about seven places that we have been that i haven't wrote about yet, and well... i'm kind of sick of living in the past and getting further behind each week! just know, i will post about those places we have been to--only later. deal?

k, so right now we are in port alberni, bc. which is on vancouver island. we arrived today and were greeted by the most magnificent fall weather and a rain storm. score.

i am currently in the trailer catching up on some work and hoping to make arrangements for salmon fishing later this week. this place is world famous for it, and i couldn't be more excited! i hope it happens. i am also desperately wanting a shower, and little peyton already had one as she was outside during the rainstorm. whoops.

so she is drying off and i am ferociously typing away on the keyboard to catch all those who follow our journey on this here blog up to the here and now. you're welcome.

p.s. i would like to mention that we are now into month five of the gypsy life. what a feat!

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