a birthday to remember.

samuel and i have actually never celebrated his birthday together before so this was a really special one for us both. i don't know about any of you, but birthdays have always been a big deal to me. i mean, when i was growing up i didn't even have to do my chores on my birthday! crazy, i know. that being said, i wanted samuel to know just how special he is to me and i wanted him to feel extra loved and spoiled on his day.

we started the day off in the best possible way. it's called a crepe bar! and it looks like this:

they were super delicious and totally fat free ;) (we wish).

after i sent my cute, birthday-having husband off to work i got busy in the kitchen--where i stayed busy all day! i made him a white cake (from scratch) with lemon buttercream frosting and lemon bars and chicken enchiladas and black beans! all on my travel size stove/oven in our trailer. go me. i know, you're impressed.

so that night we had logan and simon over for dinner. then we sang samuel the happy birthday song and watched him blow out all 24 candles. good thing he wasn't turning 25, candles only come in a pack of 24, i learned. and what a shame it would have been to need two packs for one more lousy candle.. ;)

happy birthday samuel! the seventh of september has never ever been better!!

i love you!  xo

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