the weekend we left fort steele there was one night in a canadian tire parking lot (ha), and then sparwood. on the drive over we saw a baby black bear on the side of the road. exciting! right? but um, yeah. sparwood is an interesting little town. the mountains are beautiful, and the main attraction is this GIANT truck that was once used for mining.

sparwood is right on the alberta boarder, not too far from fernie, a slightly bigger city where we went to the gym every morning. i wish i had a lot of interesting things to say about our time in sparwood, but mostly, i don't. so here is a picture of samuel and peyton that i happened to take in the trailer one night when we were there. they are so cute.

when i think of sparwood:
hot radiators
black poles in parking lots with black asphalt
a walk with peyton in the dark
imagine dragons
that blasted aux cord
just the two of us

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