The Butchart Gardens

It is beyond words. We were lucky enough to go a few days after we arrived on the island. It was an incredible expereince. Sam and I just wandered around totally lost in this place's beauty and in each other. One of the most romantic places we have ever been. The whole idea behind it is just so romantic, a man built it for his wife! Best. Present. Ever. Enjoy:


Cluxewe (Port McNeill)

we stayed in this heavenly place known for killer whale watching during our last week in british columbia. it was the best way to say goodbye to an adventurous summer.

on the way up to port mcneill from port alberni we stopped at cathedral trail and checked out some amazingly beautiful/old/huge trees there. it was breathtaking.

whilst in cluxewe (near port mcneill)
driving all the way up the island
staying in nanaimo for a night (living forest oceanside)
waking up to the waves crashing on the shore everyday
hoping to see a killer-whale
catching peyton partying
watching patron
deciding to go home
that moooon

Port Alberni

beautiful doors


motorcycle rally

autumn in full force!

amazing breakfast!

look close: perfect spider web.

port alberni was
a giant spider
that hug by that place
a night ride
td every other day
autumn in full force
breaking points
diverse congregations
amazing breakfast at miller's place
tsunami territory



the hardest part about this gypsy life is finding a new gym to work out at every week. this one was cool.

new toys for peyton.

peyton and i took a day trip to crofton to see the ocean and drop off lunch to sam. it was gorgeous.

peyton learns to shake a paw!

just behind the campground we stayed while in duncan.

while in duncan
peyton learns to shake a paw
super 8
office party
cloudy, blustery, swirling wind day
natives playing music at night
camping by the river