if you're still following our journey, creston was the last place i blogged about. after we left creston we went on a small trip down to post falls, idaho. we were just getting supplies such as, but not limited to; cheap groceries, and discounted diabetes supplies, and church shoes, and a meal at texas roadhouse, because you know, we are american and all that. we miss that stuff.

here are some sights from that little jaunt.

finally, we made it to cranbrook. it is beautiful there. when you look up all you can see are the bc rockies just towering in the distance. some of thee most beautiful mountains i have ever seen. while we were there peyton and i went to the farmers market with some friends and it was rad. i loved all the little booths with homemade things. from magnets to bread, it was all so lovely. on our walk there and back we saw churches like this:

and benches like this

and houses like this

i went with samuel one day on an adventure up into the mountains and met the sweetest lady in the world. she showed us around her little oasis up there. and when she told us to come back when her apple trees were giving ripe fruit and her grapes were ready, i wanted to tell her how bad i wished we could. but alas, you can never count on gypsies.

she gave us some things to remember her by, though; three old glass jugs, one clear a&w bottle, one unknown green bottle, and one really old brown bleach bottle. she was just as sweet as she was feisty, i think she is the only old lady i know that could handle living up in that untamed mountain country. it was like something straight out of "the man from snowy river."

memories in cranbrook
murderer in the dark
camping in the middle of the city
peyton's first vet visit
mrs. johnston
the farmer's market
those mountains
the box game

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