creston, bc was to be our next adventure. but i was sad to leave that bridge over the kettle river in grand forks. it was just so much fun. creston turned out to be another fun little town, though. plus, even if i didn't like it we wouldn't have had to stay long! (perks of being a gypsy you guys).

this little town holds some dear memories for me. it had so much character. it was just like, the flowers on the street lights and the old time theater. you know? mostly though, i just loved running in the morning with my husband. we ran every single morning while we were there and it was fun! amazingly. and one morning we saw this:

which reminded us of our dear friends who left us while we were in chase. and it made us sad. but also happy because they are such good friends and we can't wait to hang out with them again this winter!!

a funny story from creston...

one day i decided that i was going to be productive and do some laundry. so, i loaded up all the clothes into our laundry basket, grabbed the detergent, bleach, oxy-clean spray (because duh, that stuff does wonders), and fabric softener (because, well, no one hates soft clothes!). so i proceeded out the door awkwardly holding all of these laundry supplies in my hands because our basket was too full to try and fit them in there.

now, the laundromat was across the highway from where we were staying, right next to the dairy queen; where, mind you, a group of four old men sat everyday for hours eating their vanilla cones and talking up the talk. what they were discussing for that long none of us will ever know. but they were there nonetheless, every single day, for hours. like i said.

so as i am approaching the crosswalk right in front of the men, something horrible happens. my hands start feeling like they were going to give up on holding all that bleach and detergent and oxy-clean spray and fabric softener and dryer sheets! (which i forgot to mention earlier, but as you can see we like our clothes extra soft around here). and i was thinking, oh no! am i going to have to set all of this stuff down in the middle of the street right now and rearrange in front of all of these old men who will most certainly talk about this for days, even weeks, to come!? *breath*

but instead i gritted my teeth and i held on and kept holding on until i had safely kicked open the door to the laundromat, thrust my way inside and set all of my clothes-cleaning supplies down on a folding table like a real-life classy lady. and then i realized that classy ladies probably don't parade their dirty laundry across main street in downtown creston. and then i looked down and in my attempt to keep the bleach steady, i had somehow gotten some on the front of my shirt.

but i didn't want to take the car, because it was just right across the street... you know?

creston in my mind:
yoga in the park
lemon scones
hauling that laundry
running in the mornings
the old guy who gave us the door & his story
reading the kitchen house
midnight movie
summer night walk
the mosquitos (sooo many of them)
ticket to ride, like every night
those old guys in front of dairy queen
becoming the oa
those dishes. ugh.

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