so after we were in clearwater and before we moved to revelstoke we were in sicamous (sick-a-moose). sicamous is a wonderful little town on the banks of shuswap lake. a wonderful little town that doubles in size every summer. you see, sicamous is a very popular vacation, er, holiday (or so they say in canada) destination for the "alberians" (what they call people from alberta here in bc).

the town is located just north of salmon arm which is quite a bit bigger in size (and also where we stayed for the week). all i remember from sicamous is the rain. i have never been in so much rain. it rained for 3 days straight. like all day, and all night, and all day, and so on...for a solid 72 hours+. are you kidding me? i have the most vivid memories of cold feet, always. and soggy socks, ew.

sicamous was so beautiful though. the lake was so high, a lot of people were in danger of flooding (which isn't uncommon here, i guess). this was all so new to me coming from nevada, the land of no rain (story about this later). this town is also home to a dairy that makes thee best chocolate milk ever. or maybe it just tasted so good because it was in a glass bottle? either way. 

sicamous memories:
the rain
sitting in an old truck
technologically speaking
the rain
we usually don't do this
the wood stove
the rain

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