once upon a time, after we were in quesnel, we stopped in a little place called clearwater. clearwater is located just south of wells gray provincial park. which means that it is beautiful. duh, what did you think i was going to say? wells gray provincial park protects a good bit of the cariboo mountains (yes, that is how it is spelled, spelt?) and is home to 39 waterfalls. 39! isn't that crazy? while we were there, we got to see two of the biggest ones. first was helmcken. and is it just me or does that sound like a name from lord of the rings?

next we saw dawson falls. both waterfalls are on the murtle river, which is raging. clearwater is actually famous for its world-class white water rafting. unfortunately we were only there for one day so we didn't get the chance to go. it's okay though because we spent the day running through the woods like mad people, ducking, and dodging and jumping over roots and rocks. it was a real adventure. feast your eyes on this video of drew the spartan throwing spears into the canyon:

so obviously we had a good time. i really think i beheld some of the most beautiful views i have ever seen in my life. in my l i f e. the fun didn't stop there though. nope, we went back to the campground, roasted hot dogs, and watched the boys jump off some stranger's dock into the lake. burr. here is a video. you're welcome.

clearwater was:
the greenest of green
way too quick
the best forest smell
the prettiest drive
a bear on the side of the road
giant muffins
everyone together

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