after taylor, we made a long trek south to quesnel. now, don't be confused. quesnel doesn't sound like 'quez-nel,' it sounds like. 'que-nel.' apparently it's french, and it is probably a smart idea to learn that before you go asking people in town all sorts of questions about what it is like in quesnel, and how is the weather in quesnel? and what do you do in quesnel for fun? shoot. right?

now the only thing i regret about quesnel is not taking enough pictures. i took one on the way down there (not even sure where we were). and then this one:

and it's sad because quesnel was truly a beautiful little town. two rivers run through quesnel, the simon fraser river and the quesnel river. there are so many beautiful bridges and foot paths to walk on. the town is pretty much picture perfect. which is why i regret so badly my lack of pictures.

there is a splash park in the middle of town next to the little league field that looks like it came straight out of a movie, and the place is just covered in trees. and the people were so nice. goodness.

one silly thing, quesnel claims to be home to the world's largest gold pan. apparently this is a thing. and apparently it is disputed heavily by a few other towns on this earth. weird. you can see a picture of quesnel's gold pan here.

the only down-side to this beautiful place was the smell. yuck. there is a plywood plant and a paper mill in town and that stuff does not smell good, people.

my memories of quesnel:
kickball in the park.
hazel's vancouver stories.
amazing back yards.
almonds and dried cherries.
taking out someone's trash for them.
the smell--unfortunately.
logan coming to canada.
air-locking the water pump.
beautiful walks in the country.
sunday on the bridge.
and i jacked some pictures from my friend shakeh :)

and then some more from my friend devon :)

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