Grand Forks

we left greenwood on monday morning (july ninth) and headed to grand forks, bc which was only about 30 minutes away. thank goodness! grand forks was hot, hot, hotttt. and i loved it. summer doesn't start feeling like summer in canada until about july and man did it hit us full force in grand forks. we were right on the border and so i think we were getting some of that southern heat ;)

we took full advantage of the warmth and one morning we went down to the kettle river to swim and swing off the rope swing. when we got there plans changed a little bit though. we ended up jumping off of this bridge instead.

now, i know it doesn't look that tall, but trust me--it is. when you are standing out on that platform looking at the water rush underneath you it feels like the scariest thing in the world. really. it's about 30 feet high and the scariest part is having to swim as fast as you can to get to shore (that little patch of sand you can see in the top pic) before you get whisked away down the river too far. it was exhilarating, and also exhausting. but i had so much fun!

so we jumped and swam and jumped and swam and the more we did it, the more i felt like summer was finally here. while we were busy playing in the river, peyton was busy playing in the sand. she was digging and rolling around and just going crazy. i think it was the best day of her puppy life. so before we left we decided to let her try her paw at swimming and see if we could wash the sand off of her better. at first i don't think she was too sure, but once she got the hang of it she decided she liked the water.

this little girl played sooo hard that she slept for almost the whole rest of the day. it was the cutest thing ever--in the entire history of the world. yawning, sluggish, exhausted puppies are the b e s t!

later that week we broke down and finally decided to put a collar on peyton. not sure she liked it, but we knew it had to happen. she grew so much that week and we are continually amazed at how big she is getting every single day! blows my mind! lot's of firsts for her this week. first swim, first collar... ugh. growing up way way way too fast!

grand forks memories:
church in here
peyton's first swim
the collar
fishing angels
those kids
peyton under that bush. sigh.
a drive to washington
reading  the peacegiver
night jumping at the bridge
a fire by the river  & hot dogs
all those deer
that thunderstorm
the love shack


  1. all of these pictures are just perfect!!! what a beautiful location, and that puppy is way too precious for words!
    xo TJ

  2. thank you!! followed your blog, it's beautiful as are you! <3


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