after vernon and lumby we made the short trek to chase, which is a small town to the north west of vernon. on the way to our new home-for-a-while, we stopped at the Route 97 50's Ice Cream Parlor & Diner and ate the best burgers around. i can almost taste the juicy goodness just thinking about it. is it bad that i dream regularly about shoving a bite of that thing into my mouth?

not only did we eat an amazing burger at this place, but it was on this fateful day (june 24th) that we discovered blast-off ice cream. here in this very restaurant. our lives would never be the same. this stuff is seriously so so sooo good. samuel and i are both heavily addicted.

chase is also a really small town (go figure). and it was so sad to see so many people's homes being flooded by little shuswap lake. it was kind of crazy because people were sandbagging their property lines while i was on the phone with my dad in nevada who was telling me that it hadn't rained since april. (post coming about this later). people in chase were praying for the rain to stop and my family back home was praying for the rain to come. funny how things work, isn't it?

i will forever have a special place in my heart for chase, though. this is because our family grew here. yep, we got our little puppy peyton in this town and i am so glad that we did. she brings so much fun into our lives and is just so smart and loyal and loving. we really like her if you can't tell.. ;)

chase was:
a puppy
the chiropractor on the lake
on our own
sitting at that table
a long walk
megan's birthday
friends leaving
photos of peyton courtesy of devon kendall.

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  1. First of all, Peyton is adorable.

    Second of all, that is just too darn sad about the flooding. I had been hearing about it on the news, but I guess it's hard to see the toll it takes on the people and their families. Best of luck to you m'dear.


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