South Dakota:: Part II (Mount Rushmore)

After we were in Sioux Falls we headed west to Rapid City--the closest city to Mount Rushmore. On the way I made Samuel stop in Pierre, South Dakota so that I could take a picture of the capital building there. I am a little bit obsessed with state capital buildings these days, I'm so happy Samuel caters to my silliness when he can. ;)
The day before we left Rapid city we decided we had to go see Mount Rushmore. It was everything I had dreamed it would be since I was a little girl. It was beautiful, and amazing, and interesting, and incredible and it made me feel so proud to be an American. It also felt really good to check it off of my bucket list. I love discovering this world with my sweet husband. I can't wait for our next adventure!
 photo 1048816_10151765972534665_109648471_o.jpg photo 1008929_10151765972644665_452997409_o.jpg
 photo 1053328_10151765972514665_234774189_o.jpg photo 1052307_10151765973244665_833446541_o.jpg
workers tribute. photo 1052726_10151765974554665_1237977236_o.jpg photo 1048472_10151765974489665_1635471308_o.jpg
 photo 1015853_10151765973994665_1095702711_o.jpgoh, george. photo 1052537_10151765976484665_1052216961_o.jpg
seriously, this memorial is so gorgeous. photo 1064782_10151765974884665_188826462_o.jpg
i love discovering this world with him photo 1065038_10151765975024665_1391526866_o.jpg
"Here we have Idaho..." photo 1049226_10151765974769665_766080180_o.jpgfounding, growth, development, preservation. photo 1052353_10151765975614665_1105843513_o.jpg photo 1040666_10151765975754665_637218876_o.jpgthis guy is the coolest, i mean. photo 1040861_10151765976394665_1368433133_o.jpgcrazy horse! photo 1052403_10151765976519665_1953803493_o.jpg After we visited Mount Rushmore we were heading south to Colorado, so we swung by the Crazy Horse Monument to snap a picture on the way. Do you think they will ever finish it?

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  1. Mt. Rushmore is on my bucket list and this post makes me want to go even more!

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