Estes Park

This Labor Day weekend Sam's parents came to visit us here in Colorado. We wanted to show them all of the beautiful places around this area, but since they were only here for a few days we settled on Estes Park. Estes is close to us, and absolutely gorgeous. So Sunday after church we made the short trip west to the mountains!

I can't believe that we have almost lived here for two months and we haven't taken the time to go camping or sight seeing once! Time just flies doesn't it!?


Shortly after we arrived it started raining, so we hurried to Laura's to get some of the most delicious caramel apples you will ever taste in your life (in your life!) and then decided to grab a bite to eat and see if the rain would pass. There is a saying we have come to learn the truth of here in Colorado; "If you don't like the weather, just wait 20 minutes." Seriously, it changes that fast.

(the sea salt caramel chocolate was thee best. also, the tiger butter. yum.)

After we ate lunch it was still raining so we decided it might be best to head home since there isn't much to do when you can't really be outside. We drove back up to the lookout area at the edge of the park to feed the chipmunks one last time before we headed out, when the clouds cleared and the most beautiful rainbow appeared!

The fat ones were SO cute. They kept filling their cheeks so full of nuts they could hardly open their mouths to get more! Ha. Since the rain stopped, we decided that we should go back into town and ride the tram that goes up to an amazing lookout area. From the top you can see the whole city of Estes and all of the surrounding mountains.

The views were amazing! I am so happy we decided to go back! I kind of wish we could have stayed longer to see the sunset, but it was beautiful either way!

We had such a wonderful time, I mean, how could we not looking at these views!? It is so neat to literally have the Rocky Mountains in our backyard. I am loving our new home and I love when family comes to visit. It is just the best :)

P.S. How adorable are these hand-crafed wood trains we saw at the craft fair in Estes City Park? I fell in love on the spot! So beautiful and so cool!

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