My Love Turns 25!!!

So Samuel's birthday is/was (as in it has already passed) September 7th.

Initially I had all of these big plans to take him on a camping trip up to Lost Lake where we would get lost in the beauty of our new home in Colorado and lost in each other...blah blah blah. Are you gagging yet? ;)

Well, that didn't happen....

Due to circumstances beyond my control, like...he had to go to Casper, WY (puke) for work, for his ENTIRE birthday week (puke), those plans got nixed. Shucks. So, luckily we had gone to a Broncos' game last week (their last preseason game against the Cardinals) for a little early birthday celebration.

^^^We were right behind the Cardinals' bench. I mean, I could literally see Larry Fitzgerald's jock strap lines through his pants. Gross, but just so you understand.^^^

Also, we had really great seats...ROW 5(!)...due to the fact that Sam has all of the best event ticket apps and is a masterful bargain shopper and also it was preseason, so there's that (they were NOT really $125.00 each). We had an awesomely fantastic time (almost as awesome as that old guy's orange cowboy hat). We both love football--thank goodness because I can't imagine if he didn't and I'm sure he can't imagine if I didn't with how many games we watch. This is important, because if one of us hated it, that person would be bored/mad a lot.


Thankfully Sam crammed in a ton of hours up in Casper so he could come home on his birthday instead of the next day like he was supposed to...that wouldn't have been fun! He opened presents in the morning, and my funny card got even funnier when it actually matched his shirt. Haha.

Then we went to the gym (he was having withdrawals because he wasn't able to go all week). That night I made him his favorite dinner (cream cheese chicken & rice, and spinach salad) I made him lemon bars (from scratch! *pats self on back*) in place of cake, because he doesn't like cake that much, and actually neither do I. Mostly we just wanted to sleep because we both had long work weeks. Gosh that makes me feel old.

Isn't he the cutest sleeper of all time though? ;)

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sammy ;) it is not everyday that you can check off a quarter of a century! See you at 50! (And a million times between now & then).

Also, I apologize for the abundance of parentheses in this post. I don't know what has gotten into me...

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