Prince George

once upon a time, after sam and i got married we drove 1,372 miles from our hometown in idaho to prince george, british columbia. in tow we had a bumper-pull travel trailer, high-hopes, and not enough cooking supplies. we headed up to canada for sam's job, and now that we're up here realize it is pretty hard to communicate with people in america. you know, international talk time and things like that. so here we are on this here blog, and by we i am hoping you know i mean me. as in keisha.

now prince george. this was the first place we went on our trip around bc and let me just tell you something about this city. first of all i think it is unfair for the entire province of british columbia to have license plates that read, "beautiful british columbia" and have a motto of, "the best place on earth." you see, we drove up through the best place on earth and it kind of stopped being that right about...oh yes, at prince george. now, don't get me wrong. i am a super fan of this province, but northern bc just lacks the grandeur to bear the title of  "the best place on earth," and it makes you want to 'x-out the beautiful on everyone's license plates.

i don't know about you, but if a place claims to be the best place on earth, i am certain that it would not include prince george. also, don't trust google. i just googled pictures of it to see if it would back me up, but of course they only put pictures of the surrounding areas of the city, which duh, are going to be beautiful, after all we are in british columbia. all i'm saying is maybe they should just make prince george a sovereign nation within a nation and be done with it. especially since it has the highest crime rate per capita in all of canada. now doesn't that just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. okay, enough on that.

so like i was saying, prince george. it's pretty ugly. but despite that, while we were there we got to stay in a hotel (or rather the parking lot of a hotel) with a jungle in it. yep, a jungle. i know(!), weirdest thing ever. but it was weirdly cool. one thing about canada is that the winters are so long almost every motel has a water slide in it. fun right? i mean like even the super 8's and such--indoor waterslides; and i know what you're thinking because my mind was blown too. it's kind of like if you went to a mcdonald's and someone seated you and served you on a real plate with real silverware. it's just crazy.

sam and i enjoyed a lot of morning runs together there, something that stopped very soon after we left that place. and one thing that i did enjoy was the costco. oh how i miss having a costco nearby. only don't be confused, costcos in canada are hardly the same as they are in "the states" as they call america here. everything is about twice as expensive, if not more, and the biggest bummer...the very berry yogurt sundae is 24 cents more and about 1/4 of the size. i was extremely disappointed. but don't even get me started on the prices of things up here in canada.

another bright spot in the experience we *cough* enjoyed *cough* in this city was a place called 2 for 1 pizza. i hope you are not mislead by the name, the pizzas were not actually 2 for the price of 1 (i know, it can be very misleading can't it). the plus side of this place was that the owners were very nice and always remembered our names and also let us use their bathroom (or washroom as the canucks like to say) even though we never ate there. and they also gave me a free pizza...even though we never bought anything there. and yes, i did feel extremely lucky if you were wondering, especially since they don't even do the bogo deal that their name implies. don't worry, i was confused too.

yes, so that was prince george. it was very cold. it was very ugly. and it was very expensive. but the people at the ymca were nice and let us in for free all week. score. also there were jerry and the boys, but that is a story for another time. and as you can see there are no pictures in this post because why would i waste my time taking pictures of the armpit of bc, that's what i want to know.

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