i just want the whole enchilada, ya know?

so, my mom is from colombia and that means that she is a good cook, obviously. now that might have sounded like i meant she was a good cook because she was from colombia. nope. she's a good cook because after she moved to california when she was sixteen she helped my grandpa run his mexican restaurant. that's why.

i really, really like mexican food. i grew up with every and any type of arepa, tostada, enchilada, burrito, taco, or emanada you can imagine. and i loved it. some saturdays, actually most saturdays i woke up to my dad's voice calling, "AREPAS!! AREPAS CON JUEVOS!!" (this was one of the few things that could get me out of bed in the mornings).

now, me loving mexican food is all fine and good, but i know you are thinking, what does this have to do with anything? well i'll tell you what it has to do with what. there is no mexican food in canada, people. that's right. now, when i say no mexican food, i mean no good mexican food. they don't even sell corn tortillas at the store(!). they don't even sell canned green chilies at the store(!!!). i might be dying, slowly.

so we have been grilling a lot of hamburgers, and eating a lot of sandwiches. and i feel so canadian. because let's face it, americans know about good mexican food, and trust me, there is none up here. also, can i mention that i have not even seen ONE mexican restaurant up here. nope. not even one.

but on the plus side, as soon as we get back to the us of a and i can make the deliciousnes aforementioned in this post, my husband will wonder if i took secret cooking classes behind his back, because let's face it, i just really want to make enchiladas, and so, i don't make anything else, ya know?

canadians don't know what their missing, i tell ya.

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