Fort St. John

fort st. john is the third city we travelled to. it rains a lot in fort st. john. maybe just in may. but may is when we were there, so there was a lot of rain. which is perfectly fine by me--i quite like the rain. it was when it started snowing that it disturbed me a tiny bit. it was may, after all. and i am from the desert, after all.

so in fort st. john, amidst the rain, my sister finally came to canada. i was t h r i l l e d. i love my megan. we were in fort. st. john for almost two weeks and while we were there, there was an intense egg tossing competition in the park (which we won). there was a pizza party, there was a trip to the movies to see avengers. (did any of you see that movie? sooo good). and like i said, there was rain.

apparently fort st. john is one of the best places in north america to see the northern lights, except we weren't there when that was happening. it is also the oldest settlement in british columbia. fun fact, i know. fort st. john has been nick-named "the energetic city." so while we were there i began to wonder...how does a city get that nick-name? i couldn't see why this city would be anymore energetic than  any other city. but i guess i don't know much about energy in the cities.

what i do know, is that their mall closed at 5:30! and that nothing was open past about 7 pm. maybe that is why it is so energetic? who really knows. in fort st. john i started to really get a hang of the canadian lingo. a bathroom is called the washroom here, and if you say bathroom it gives you right away as being an american. also, they say "zed" for the letter z, instead of "zee." weird. they have a dish called poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy). their dollars are coins and they are called loonies, and they have a two dollar coin called a toonie. also, they say, "hey" or "eh" after just about anything that could possibly be an interrogative sentence. it's actually pretty catchy, because i pretty much say it all the time now and i don't even try to.

so that was fort st. john. a medium sized city with a lot of guys who work out at "the patch" (the oil fields). can't say i miss it, but it was fun while it lasted, eh?

there was also a disproportionate amount of jacked up trucks there.
i'm not kidding. there were thousands.

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