Hudson's Hope

after prince george we headed north towards fort st. john, but stopped in a place called hudson's hope for a little while. we were only here for a couple of days but i don't remember a whole bunch because i was still adjusting to my new gypsy life. it was quite the experience, though. it is a very small town, but it is a very important one in bc. you'll see why.

this place you guys. i don't even know what to say. when you pull into town you are greeted by a sign that says, "welcome to hudson's hope. land of dinosaurs and dams." there were about 1,500 people in this town and one giant dam. the bennett dam is what it is called and it is one of the largest earth-filled structures in the world weighing in at 100 million tons. it supplies about 25% of all the electricity for the whole province of british columbia!! insane.

so like i said, i don't remember a ton about the place, but what i do remember is that there is a HUGE gorge on one side of town and a really big mountain on the other. all day you could hear the "brraaapp" "brraaapp" of dirt bikes all over that place, and we stayed in the ritz of rv parks. fareal. it was sooo nice.

this was by someone's front door. made me smile.
the peace river is the reason for the giant gorge and it was b-e-a-u-tiful.  and also huge. i can see why so much power is generated there. (yay for hydro-electricity!) everywhere you looked there were trees and mountains and then the huge canyon... i really loved it. plus it was a small town so it already had a dear place in my heart.

the owners of the rv park we camped at were supper nice and even tried to sell us the place. we had to pass because we didn't have an extra $795,000 dollars laying around. i thought it was a little steep for a town so small, but hey, that's just me. they weren't the only nice people in that place though. it seemed most everyone i met was extremely kind. one old man even gave us some moose sausage as i explained to him i had never had the privilege of eating moose yet. so kind, i know.

so that was hudson's hope. a brief but pleasant encounter, i'd say.

see, i told you.

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