four months

A third of your first year has already passed by and I love you more each day. This month my tickles gave you your first goosebumps, you discovered your feet, you belly laughed for the first time, you decided you kinda-sorta will tolerate your car seat again, and you definitely don't wanna sleep in your crib yet. 
You love the bath more than ever and your splashing around makes me so happy. You are quick to smile at anyone and everyone that pays you any attention. And even those who don't. You hold your head up like a champ and actually like to be on your tummy. 
You love your play mat and the bumbo. But nothing compares to the love you have for your daddy. Or your stuffed lion named Buff. Every time I put him in your arms you squeeze him and squeal with delight. It pretty much makes my heart sing. 
Yesterday we experienced the first thunderstorm of spring. Oh we've had rain, and some snow even already; but the skies that were quiet all winter roared to life and thunder cracked loud and proud.
As I stood in the living room and looked out onto the shiny pavement of our street, I was taken back to a summer night last year. My belly was starting to grow with your tiny body, and I had just started to feel you moving around. A beautiful day turned into a stormy night and rain turned into hail as lightening streaked the sky. I remember throwing open the door and standing in its frame, staring out into the night and thinking about the miracle of life. 
You were an answer to my prayers, and you still are. Everyday. You teach me more about life & about myself than I ever would have imagined that night. Rain seems to bring out the most vivid colors in our surroundings. It saturates the green of vegetation, it blackens the streets and darkens the walks. It brightens the flowers and it freshens the air.
Having you has been like a rain storm. You have saturated my life with color. Everything is more vivid with you here. You have enriched my life. You have been a breath of fresh air. I always say that you're my sunshine, but you're equally my rain. I love you!

F O U R   M O N T H S
16 lbs 14.5oz
26 3/4 inches

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