Naomi at One Month

Naomi turned six weeks old today, and classic Keisha, I am just posting about her at one month now! How do the days go by soooo fast!?
Naomi with Buff (short for Buffalo) the lion.

Naomi is a very happy and chill baby. She eats every three hours, almost on the dot, and sleeps for an hour to two hours between feedings. She is pretty content for most of the day, but she has the same fussy hours between 8:00-11:00pm. Some nights she hasn't settled down until almost 1:00am, but once she falls asleep she sleeps so good! Like last night for example, she fell asleep at 1:00am but then slept until almost noon! She wakes up to eat a couple of times in the night but she just eats and then falls right back to sleep. I feel so lucky! I hope it lasts!

The girl also loves baths. Especially when I wash her hair; she gets so relaxed and happy. It is the sweetest thing. I love to wash her little feet but she always curls her toes so hard when I touch them. It is adorable. She loves to cuddle and be held and she loves her MamaRoo, but she has to be in the mood. If she is feeling fussy then she doesn't like it that much and wants me to hold her. She loves getting her diaper changed, except for times that she is hungry while we are changing her, she never cries!

She loves to be swaddled, especially when she is tired, but she hates having her arms in if she isn't tired and wants to chill and be talked to. She loves to flail her arms all around while we talk to her. She loves, loves, loves to ride in the car. She can be super fussy and not wanting to sleep, and if we go for a drive she usually just passes right out. She also loves to ride in grocery carts. Mostly anything that moves.

Naomi loves to hear her daddy's voice. Every time she hears Samuel talking she looks all over the place to see where his voice is coming from, even if it is just on speaker phone. She loves music and nature sounds too. Somehow she has gotten at least four other names from me that aren't Naomi. I mostly call her baby bear. Once in a while I call her honey bear too. And then there are a slew of other nicknames that come and go depending on the day. It's really my favorite thing in the world to talk to her.

If she falls asleep on me, she doesn't like to be transferred to her back. She doesn't like getting out of the bath or having her face rubbed with a towel or wash cloth. She doesn't like switching sides when she is in the middle of eating. She doesn't like getting put in her car seat, but once she is all buckled in she is really good. She gets a little anxious when there are a lot of people around her all at once, but seems to be okay with it.

Naomi is just such a good baby! Getting to know her has been such a fun and beautiful process. I feel so lucky to be her mama. She fits into our family so perfectly, it feels like she has been with us forever. She makes me so incredibly happy and I love her so much! My favorite part of the day is when she wakes up for the first "real" time in the morning and she is so cuddly and sleepy and happy. It also helps that I am well rested since she is so good at night, because normally I haaate mornings.

Being a parent has been quite the adventure so far. It was a bit of an adjustment the first few weeks. I felt like I couldn't go anywhere and got really anxious anytime I thought we were going to have to run an errand, but the more we do it, the easier and more normal it gets. I have even been going to the gym three or four times a week (thanks to Sam). It's been such a great few weeks! I can't wait to see what the future holds. Watching a baby grow is the most fun! :)

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