I naturally avoid change at all costs--it is not something that I enjoy. Some people do, some people itch for change and get bored easily; that's not me. I enjoy being comfortable. I like clothes that are comfortable, I like jobs that are comfortable, I like living situations that are comfortable, I like relationships that are comfortable. I hate when things don't go according to plan, or when plans change last minute, and I hate feeling insecure.

Even if it is a good change, it is still hard for me to adjust. I mean, I can't even change my hair without having a major meltdown--even if I like it! It takes me weeks to get used to a new hairstyle and decide that the new really is better than the old. I like conversations that flow easy, I like cars that ride smoothly, and I like blankets that are soft; and I notice, and am very sensitive to when they are not. Therefore, I have a natural aversion to change, because, well--it is severely uncomfortable for me.

Sometimes this aversion to change holds me back, but usually I can weigh the benefits and the discomfort and make the right decision. It also helps that I am married to a man that doesn't mind change or inconvenience, because he helps me through it--although I do admit that I do not always make it easy for him.

So when I say a change I made was good, I don't say it lightly, and I mean it. A little more than a month ago Samuel and I made the decision for him to change jobs, which meant we were moving, again, and that I would be losing my job too. Lots of change. But we both felt good about it, so we (I) mustered up all of our (my) courage and pressed forward, full steam ahead.

At first I was nervous, and things didn't go exactly as we had planned along the way, but I am glad they didn't, because in those minor set-backs that we faced we had the chance to see God's hand in our lives. We found opportunities and people along our way to help us in this journey when we didn't know how we were going to make it on our own. This confirmed our feelings that this was the right decision, as well as strengthened our resolve to keep going. Our relationship has grown stronger, and we can both already see the benefits of the changes we have made.

We are now calling the Denver, Colorado area home (for now), and we love it here! Things have been going better than we could have ever imagined, and life is good. We are excited for what our future here holds for us, and we are both feeling super grateful for the journey we have taken to get here.

Sometimes change is good, even for me.

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